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Robert's presentations on business, retirement and other topics are always passionate and serious ... but fun too. 
He  says: "If I can't have fun, I don't want to do it!"
Why this website?
To tell you what I do and to encourage you to hire me to speak for your
  • team, 
  • company or 
  • conference.

To provide a place where YOU can get tips and hints to help with your 
  • business, 
  • finances and/or 
  • personal life.

To provide a shopwindow for my products: cd's and books, as and when these become available. 
Speaking Topics
  • Making the Most of your Talents
  • Get Out of Your Rut
  • Green Light for Retirement

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I have trained groups from managing directors to Back-to-Work groups in deprived inner-city areas and all grades between. My specialist topics are Finance For Non Financial Folks, and  Starting Your Own Business. I also do a lot of work on Public Speaking and Presentation Skills and Speaking With Confidence. Whatever your needs are in these areas, call and see if I can help provide a solution to your problems, at a price you can afford .. a boost to your bottom line.
"We will never forget you; you insinuated yourself into our brains." Michael McGinley
This site, by nature, will always be 'under construction'. Last  amended  8th July 2008. If you find any gaps in the information, please let me know. Better still, please email me with your suggestions or corrections (that 'email me' envelope appears on every page!) I want this site to be useful, relevant and informative.
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Conference speaker
As a speaker I like to be friendly and have fun. The topics, (listed above and shown with contents  opposite), range from Finance to Motivation; from Business Start-Ups to Getting out of A Rut. My speeches are nothing if not , humorous, passionate and powerful ... which, for an accountant, they tell me, is rare!! Call and see how one of my speech topics could be tailored:
  • to the match needs of your team, 
  • to improve your efficiency,
  • to grow your profits

My aim is to break down barriers: barriers people perceive between themselves and finance or themselves and the life-change they need to go on and grow
My plan is 
to die and 
run out of money on the same day.
(Doug Sanders)
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I met one of my heroes, 
Zig Ziglar, in Orlando
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Robert's MoneyTalk: Never Mistreat a Receipt
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"I enjoyed your talk very much: really passionate" 
Dr. Nikki Darman, MA, PhD.
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Your presentation was one of a true professional; you did exactly what we asked of you.... We could do with more of this. (Donal Murphy, Chairman, National Supervisors Forum)
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